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What to Expect During Construction

Congratulations, it’s almost demo-day!! So, what’s next and when will C&C be involved? Moving forward your contractor is your main point of contact and the majority of communication will happen with him and his team, but we are always here as you need us. We like to remain on email conversations and are available for any design decisions or changes. Yes, things come up during construction and sometimes changes need to be made, but we’re here for you! We are communicating with your contractor on a regular basis and remain involved with your project through to the end, even if you don’t see us on-site.


We will be meeting on-site with your contractor during key points of construction. Once demo is complete, rough plumbing and rough electrical begin and this is our first site visit. This is an important time in construction where we go over placement of fixtures to make sure that everything is in its place prior to sheetrock. A heads up, demo is messy and everybody expects that, but sheetrock can be even messier and quite dusty. Please be prepared for this.


After sheetrock is complete the fun part begins and you will see your design come to life! Dust starts to die down and paint goes on the walls. Cabinets are installed and we are on-site to look at any tricky countertop templates and layouts, along with tile layout and grout line locations.


During construction there may be additional times that your contractor requests us to come out, and you may also want to meet to go over something. Please feel free to request a meeting or phone call at any time.

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