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Just follow these easy steps:

What do we need exactly?

1. Start with a sketch of the room. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect, we just need the numbers and we'll take it from there!

2. Overall dimensions of the room: Width and length, and any additional walls included. Take a peek at the plan here, it highlights all the numbers we need.

3. Door sizes, width and height. This measurement is the door only, and then we will need the width of the trim.

4. Same goes for the windows, width and height along with the trim if there is any, and the dimension from the floor to the bottom of the window. This is especially important if we are placing anything below the window. 

Here's a guide with examples of the above to help you measure:

5. Height from the floor to the ceiling. This is typically 8'-0", but not always.

6. Send us some photos of the space showing the overall room along with some details showing light fixtures, light switches, outlets, heat registers, fans, floor finishes, etc. 

That's it! Go ahead and contact us to talk next steps, and don't worry, if there's anything else we need we'll ask after we get started.

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