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Incorporating Edibles Into Your Garden

Nothing beats the taste of farm to table… or in this case, garden to table! Having a vegetable garden doesn’t have to mean dedicating rows of planter beds in the middle of your yard, there are many creative ways to incorporate edibles into your landscape. One of the easiest options to start with are herbs. With an array of colors and textures you’re sure to find some beautiful options that can enhance your garden… and your plate!

Beautiful pathways can be sculpted by succulents, phormium, and decorative grasses. Basil is a wonderful contrast that can be used for lining a pebble walkway, along with fennel which helps to soften the texture and add height.

Photo by Ann Summa

Edible flowers are a beautiful way to invite color into your garden, and onto your plate! Nasturtium is an edible flower that comes in many vibrant shades, in both clumping or trailing varieties. Nasturtium is used beautifully in this garden, cascading over the retaining wall and adding gorgeous shades of orange and red to the garden.

Sage pairs great with a meadow style mix of grasses and perennials. Their foliage ranges from soft muted greens and purples to grey tones, or even variegated for added dimension.

Rocky landscapes can be highlighted with delicate pink tones and hints of purple Lavender. They are great for filling in wide areas and bring a wonderful aroma to your garden. Available varieties come in shades of purple with green or silver tone foliage.

Here are some easy herbs to sprinkle into your garden:

For low growing, ground cover types try thyme, mint and oregano.

For small cluster options, try cilantro and parsley.

For larger spaces use rosemary, dill, and tarragon.

April Garden Tip: Prep soil and begin planting summer vegetables.

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