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The Many Ways to Use Trim to Dress up Your Home!

One of the smallest changes you can make to your home that has a major impact aesthetically (without going through a huge remodel) is to change out your doors (and windows if the budget allows). And what finishes off the job? Beautiful trim details!

It is important to have an idea of what style you want the overall look of your home to have. Are you matching the existing style of your home, or do you have big plans to change the whole style of your home (you know… in time)?

If you aren’t sure of your style it’s a good idea to start making a Pinterest board or Houzz Ideabook and see what styles you gravitate to. Windsor One has a great site with lots of ideas and they even show you different architectural styles and how to create the look using their casing, baseboards, crown, and a lot of other moldings you may not have thought about.

This example shows window and door casing for a Craftsman style home (one of our favorites!). Typically trim here is very straight and additional moldings can be added.

Don’t forget about the sill (also called the stool)! Adding a sill and apron is a nice way to incorporate a decorative element to dress up your windows. Craftsman style trim is commonly very simple but may include the added cove below the sill.

If budget allows, other interior trim elements that can be incorporated to make a statement are coffered ceilings, wainscoting, vaulted ceilings, and ship-lap. Painted white trim looks polished and rich!

The exterior trim details are just as important as the interior, and there should be consistency and flow in style from the outside in. There are simple elements like window trim to not to be forgotten, but there are others to be considered, such as columns, siding types, and eave or porch overhangs.

All images were taken from:

Check them out for some great ideas!

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